About Canada Mat


Canada Mat has been providing exceptional service for 20 years. Our service is unique in this industry.

we specialize in award winning Canadian made matting solutions

Our approach is special!

We create a relaxed, respectful, and yet challenging environment that is value based, learning focused, and tailored to our clients needs.


We ensure that our award winning Canadian made matting solutions will succeed in the satisfaction of our clients.

Customized matting solutions for your home or business.


Benefits of purchasing from Canada mat include

  • Ongoing support and service from committed, knowledgeable professionals on a friendship level.
  • Wide range of products for different traffic volumes.
  • Priced to fit your budget
  • No cost- on site consultation
  • Edging guaranteed for life
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Cleaning service coming soon
  • Professional installation
  • Off season sales on all products
  • Custom requests welcomed on personal, business and commercial needs


All of our products manufactured here in Edmonton by our highly qualified, trained staff.

Protection of our environment is at the up most importance, we promote products that remove the dirt and water from entrances. This saves from the use of harsh chemicals to clean. Environmentally Conscious Business Practice is our nature.

We place a high standard on the products we market. Exceptional quality control is mandatory in our company.  Production is not automated but each mat is individually manufactured with care and attention to detail. As a result, quality of our products are superior and we guarantee will outlast the industry standard.


Make a first impression on your customers or tenants by creating a stunning entrance with our custom matting that enhance the look of your business!!!


Save money on building maintenance while preventing potential costly slips or falls. Our uniquely ridged mud stopper mats removes the dirt and moisture as you walk and traps it inside. We customize the installation to your needs. Provide mats that add style and dirt reduction in a variety of thickness, surfaces, colors and textures. Greaseproof products are also available for use in food prep areas and kitchens.


Our anti fatigue mats play an important part in ergonomics, the science of fitting the workplace to the worker. Comfort plus anti fatigue mats are a result of more than 10 years of dedicated ongoing research and developing. The use of a quality anti fatigue mat will prevent workers from fatigue, back strain, muscle pain, other discomforts that come while standing long periods of time. That’s only a fraction of the benefits these mats have to offer. The Anti-fatigue mats we manufacture are not available at this quality anywhere else.


We will find a solution for you. 

Contact us today (780) 448 - 3630

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