Award Winning Anti-Fatigue Mats


Our anti-fatigue mats are hand made in Canada and ergonomically 
designed to reduce the fatigue that comes from standing 
for long periods of time on hard surfaces


• Custom Made To Fit Your Needs

• Prevents Back Pain and Fatigue

• Hand Made in Canada

• Award Winning Design


Comfort Plus SBR

Comfort Plus Nitrile

Comfort Plus Industrial

Comfort Plus Industrial Nitrile

Comfort Plus Kneeler

Comfort Plus Carpeted

Use of quality anti fatigue mats will help your business to reduce or prevent:
M.S.I.'s - WCB and WSIB Claims - Blood Stagnation - Varicose Veins
Employee Discomfort - Static Body Position - Lower Back Pain 
Low Employee Morale - High Absenteeism - Low Employee Productivity

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