Service - First in class customer service is our number one priority.  If results and service come into conflict, employees/contractors have a responsibility to choose customer service.  Canada Mat is committed to supporting this choice and providing the resources necessary to achieve first in class customer service.


Passion - We inspire others by the passion we demonstrate for our work.  When we feel passionate about what we do and the company we work for, we are more productive and more successful.  We are happiest and excel when we do those things we are passionate about.


Excellence - We strive for excellence in what we do and how we do it.  Excellence is about working hard, being innovative and working smart; demonstrating a high degree of ethical, professional and problem solving skills.  Continuous performance improvement is required to maintain excellence.


Respect - We take time to consider and appreciate other people's point of view, and treat our customers, partners and employees/contractors with respect.  We value the diversity of our employees/contractors, customers and partners and appreciate each others' unique strengths.  Respect is about treating people with dignity, listening and displaying courtesy.


Teamwork - By working effectively together we can deliver results far beyond our individual capabilities.  By working together, we can achieve superior results for the company.  Clear and common goals support teamwork.  Effective teamwork is anchored in trust and being able to offer, ask for and accept help, advice and feedback.


Results - We have a bias for results and take initiative to get things done efficiently, creating value for our company.  Effective results require a vision of what needs to be done, setting priorities and implementing realistic action plans.  We are purpose driven and hold ourselves ACCOUNTABLE for high quality, timely results.



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