Custom Logo Matting, for a successful first impression!

Outdoor and indoor entrances.

Create a lasting first impression with your company logo at your entrance. Beautifies entrance while trapping and filtering dirt. Easy to clean.


Whether the logo mat is a custom mat or a personalized mat, it offers several advantages:

  •  Reinforces your corporate position by expertly presenting the values and image of your business
  • Affords you a great first impression 
  • Enhances the esthetics of your business
  • Promotes quality which inspires confidence 
  • Contributes to the advertising of your products and services all while promoting your Company logo
We have a extremely large selection of mats for residential, commercial and industrial needs. 

We can put your company logo on any of the mats we have in stock. You simply email us with a picture of your logo. Call one of our sales reps to discuss your specifications including background colors preferred, sizes. We can send you a quote and samples of our work upon request.


What kind of graphics should you include? We can create designs with AI .psd, .gif, .tif,.png,.eps and .jpg at least 200 dpi for best results.


Call: 780-448-3630



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