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Waterhog Eco Elite
WaterHog™ Eco Elite Roll Goods and delivers an upscale appearance with high performance dirt and moisture stopping properties. Perfect for high traffic commercial entryways. Protection against costly dirt clean-up and damaging moisture. Pro
Waterhog Classic
Exclusive "water dam" allows the Waterhog™ Classic mat to hold up to 11/2 gallons of water per square yard; water and dirt stay in the mat. (Some styles available without dam for outside use, so water can drain easily.)
Waterhog Eco Premier / Waterhog Eco Premier Fashion
Waterhog Premier Mats are heavy-duty floor Mats with a less industrial look. This Waterhog Entrance Floor Mat offers a diamond ridge surface design which expertly removes debris and water.
Brush Hog
When the constant abuse of wet, dirty incoming traffic starts affecting interior carpeting, it’s time for Brush Hog – the perfect mat choice for outside entryways.
Custom Designing
Regardless of your matting needs Canada Mat can customize your home or business with a custom designed mat specific to your area and application.
Comfort Flow
Lighter in weight for easier handling. Fully launder able mat that performs great as an anti-fatigue mat and as a flow-through mat in wet or dry environments. Constructed of 100% high density closed cell nitrile rubber cushion which is far superior in g
Victory Mat has a multi directional design that is great for scraping soil from shoes. Choose and attractive style mat for your entrance by choosing victory.High-end commercial/domestic entrance matting features attractive texture and colours.
Rubber Finger Tip
Hundreds of tough, flexible rubber fingers sweep shoes clean of snow, grit and dirt. Debris stays trapped below walking surface. The perfect all-weather mat. Stays flexible in sub-zero temperatures. No-trip beveled edges.
Noodle Mat
New heavier weight design makes Noodle Mat more effective as a scraper mat.
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